Our Kindergarten Prep program is the perfect opportunity for your child to practice important kindergarten skills alongside other kids. Designed for preschool children, this "grownup and me" class will guide you and your child through readiness skills such as letter and number identification, writing, patterns, fine motor skills such as using scissors, holding a pencil, and pasting, weather and seasons, months of the year, circle time and social etiquette, and much more.

2.5 years to Kindergarten

Kindergarten Prep

Sensory class provides opportunities for little ones to explore all of their senses in a fun environment. Each class will incorporate a seasonal theme using organic materials as we explore sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste* throughout class. What's more, musical sing-a-longs and gross motor games that practice balance are woven into this class for a full body sensory experience that both you and your little one will love. *The taste portion of class is in Sensory II class only.

Designed for tiny dancers ages 18 months to 4 years, this class is the perfect introduction to ballet! Your little one will learn basics like the foot positions, and also practice pliés, sautés, and pirouettes. This class is a wonderful opportunity for children to sharpen gross motor skills, as well as hone their ability to follow directions and imitate actions. However, above all else, ballet class is fun and lighthearted.

Our Learning Lab class leads grownups and children through a variety of activities that encourage children to achieve important developmental milestones. Each class incorporates activities and games that facilitate fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive development skills. The class is tailored to each child's age as the activities are layered with varying levels of complexity and compounded based on the ages present and the skill sets in the class. All ages enjoy the music, parachute play, and bubbles at the close of class.

A fun-filled and silly dance party with a hoppin’ playlist, our music classes give little ones and their grownups the opportunity to dance and explore musical instruments. The class is all about encouraging movement, dancing, and exposing the child to music. We adjust the class to suit the ages present. Baby Music class is specifically for children 12 months and younger, whereas Music class is for all ages.

Art class is the perfect opportunity for your little one to express their creativity. Each month will introduce a new theme inspiring a weekly project allowing little ones to draw, collage or paint. So whether your baby is four months or four years, you'll get something special out of the experience and a memento to bring home!

Baby massage is our most peaceful class and is the perfect first activity for newborns to enjoy at The Bunny Hive. In fact, little ones as young as two weeks old love this class as massage has been proven to improve sleep, digestion, colic, teething discomfort, and congestion. Bring a swaddle blanket or similar for baby to lay on during class. We provide organic, cold-pressed sunflower oil to use on your little one.

An interactive, child-led class in which little ones have the opportunity to enjoy the pretend play area, play doh station, infant corner, sensory spot, gross motor activities. No matter your child's age, grownups will enjoy this class as a chance to socialize and get a much needed change of scenery from home.

Sensory I for 0 to 18 months
sensory II for 18 months to Kindergarten


You are invited to try the NEW Culinary Exploration! All materials will be provided for this class, so you don’t need to bring anything but yourselves! During this class, sensory materials will be provided for little ones to practice a variety of culinary activities like pouring, mixing, measuring, and cutting. This play-based “cooking” class will still include our signature Bunny Hive aprons and standard kitchen utensils, and will now include a music portion and a taste sample. We hope you can join us! The new Culinary Exploration will launch July 10th!

1 to kindergarten

18 months to kindergarten

3 months to KINDERGARTEN

0 months to KINDERGARTEN

3 months to KINDERGARTEN

0-12 months

0 months to KINDERGARTEN

Culinary Exploration


Learning Lab

Music and Baby Music


Baby Massage

Exploratory Play

- bailey

"We absolutely LOVE The Bunny Hive! It’s already hard to imagine what we did with our days before it opened. We take our ten month old son several times a week! I appreciate that it’s a space truly designed for both children and adults alike!"

- katie

"Liam has been a member of The Bunny Hive since he was 4 weeks old. It has truly been the best place for both of us! I love hanging out in the Hive with other mamas and spending time bonding with my baby during classes!

- erika

"Marlo has truly enjoyed her time at The Bunny Hive. Her face just lights up! It’s a place where I can reinforce her development, while also exposing her to other babies so she can learn from them and make new friends. So glad you opened this beautiful and happy space."

- chelsea

"This Insta-ready studio is dazzling and the perfect spot for your littles to engage in real sensory activities and for you to connect with other parents in a similar phase of life without feeling overstimulated. The studio is clean and elegant and designed with the new parent experience in mind."

- cara

"I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for The Bunny Hive. This is a wonderful, supportive community of moms. I go a few times per week now, and it's so fantastic to connect with other adults while entertaining and stimulating our growing babies."

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