Our Kindergarten Prep program is the perfect opportunity for your child to practice important kindergarten skills alongside other kids. Designed for preschool children (2.4-4 years), this "grownup and me" class will guide you and your child through readiness skills such as letter and number identification, writing, patterns, fine motor skills like using scissors, holding a pencil, and pasting, weather and seasons, months of the year, circle time and social etiquette, and much more.

Learn more below about this program and ways to participate.

kindergarten prep

how to participate

Our Kindergarten Prep program is unique in that families can choose to attend a single, drop-in session of this class, as seen on our standard class schedule in Atlanta and Richmond, or you can enroll in a 6-week Kindergarten Prep cohort. During drop-in sessions, topics will rotate on a monthly basis in an effort to offer beneficial repetition for students, and you will likely see different families in class each time you attend. On the other hand, 6-week cohorts will focus on a different topic each week and you will progress through the program with the same families each week through the entirety of the program. Due to the format of this program, Kindergarten Prep is the only class at The Bunny Hive that younger siblings are asked to not attend, if possible, so that the older children and the teacher can direct their full attention to the curriculum.

Just like our other classes at The Bunny Hive, you can drop into a single session of this class for $25, or become a member – $45/month for any three classes per month, or $120/month for unlimited access to all classes. Pricing is per family.

join a 6-week cohort

drop in to a single session

The 6-week cohort schedule aligns with our Small Group program schedule. Registration for Small Groups is released 2-3 weeks prior to the upcoming session and will be announced via email and social media. The 6-week cohort program is $100 per child. While we do not offer sibling discounts for this program, Unlimited members get 50% off and should email their home studio to sign up with the discount.

Winter Kindergarten Prep Cohort
February 20th - March 31st

Spring Kindergarten Prep Cohort
April 17th - May 26th

Mid-Summer Kindergarten Prep Cohort
July 10th - August 19th

Back-To-School Kindergarten Prep Cohort
August 21st - September 30th

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"We absolutely LOVE The Bunny Hive! It’s already hard to imagine what we did with our days before it opened. We take our ten month old son several times a week! I appreciate that it’s a space truly designed for both children and adults alike!"

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