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We hope that when you walk through our doors you immediately feel at ease as you enter into a space that is safe and magical for your child, and also a space that feels like a special experience for yourself. As moms ourselves, we understand how important it is to have a place to spend time with your children, and other families, that feels clean, welcoming, warm, and happy. We have designed The Bunny Hive to be a place we'd feel comfortable and happy bringing our own children, and we hope you experience that during your time with us. We are so excited to have you join us and can't wait to meet you!

Brittany and Katy
Co-Founders of The Bunny Hive

A note from the founders

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Brittany combines her love of motherhood and community with her background in business to work on all things The Bunny Hive, with an emphasis on brand experience, strategy, marketing, events, and partnerships. Prior to The Bunny Hive, she worked at Harvard Business School and The University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Brittany is a native of Richmond, Virginia where she now lives with her husband, Mark, and their children – Jack (5), Harry (3), and Lottie (1).

cofounder and ceo

Katy is passionate about early childhood education, relationship building, and development. Prior to The Bunny Hive, she held a variety of roles in the education and non-profit industries. Today at The Bunny Hive, Katy focuses on curriculum development, client relations, and all things human resources such as recruitment and staff training. Katy and her husband, Will, live in Carmel, Indiana and have three children, John (5), Eleanor (3), and Kathryn (1).

cofounder and president



Maria has an extensive background in education and is passionate about child literacy, underserved communities, and leadership development. She lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, Kyle, and their two little ones, Zeke and Vivienne.

vp of franchise development

Chelsea has been with The Bunny Hive since day one and is a pillar in our community. She graduated from Georgia College & State University with a degree in English and Creative Writing. She has an extensive background in childcare and has performed in several children’s productions around the world.

studio director, atlanta



Jessy grew up in Raleigh and is incredibly ingrained in the community there, where she has worked as a real estate agent and formerly alongside her father, who was a successful entrepreneur in the area. She is a University of Richmond graduate and has a daughter named Jo Jo with her husband, Jared.

Ashley recently moved to Atlanta from the Bay Area with her husband, Jared, and their two boys, Noah and Ezra. She studied child psychology at Harvard University and went on to earn an MBA and a Masters in Education at Stanford. 

studio owner – raleigh, nc

studio owner – smyrna, ga



Abby grew up in Roswell and she and her husband, Dan, have a little girl, Ray, and baby boy, Graham. Abby studied finance at University of Alabama and went on to earn a graduate degree in commercial real estate from Georgia State. 

Niki and her husband, Eddie, have lived in Charlotte for over a decade as they are both UNC Charlotte graduates, and today live there with their little boy named Grier. She has worked for more than ten years in event planning and has a wonderful eye for designing celebrations of all kinds.

studio owner – roswell, ga

studio owner – charlotte, nc



10, and counting!

We have this many types of classes


The name of our stuffed bunny mascot is

guess who's here today

We begin every class with this song

little ones and grownups

Our studio is equal parts for

one to five!

Our own kids range in ages

our little boys' stuffed bunnies

The Bunny Hive is named after

The FUn Facts

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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Do The Bunny Hive community, aesthetic, and offerings feel like you were made to be a part of it all? Do you believe The Bunny Hive is needed in your city? If you answered yes to all of the above and you're ready for a career change that blends your entrepreneurial spirit with your passion for connecting young families, then you might be the perfect fit to open a The Bunny Hive studio as a franchise owner. 

a social club for little ones + their grownups

the bunny hive

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the bunny hive in your city

Now accepting applications for studio owners

- bailey

"We absolutely LOVE The Bunny Hive! It’s already hard to imagine what we did with our days before it opened. We take our ten month old son several times a week! I appreciate that it’s a space truly designed for both children and adults alike!"

- katie

"Liam has been a member of The Bunny Hive since he was 4 weeks old. It has truly been the best place for both of us! I love hanging out in the Hive with other mamas and spending time bonding with my baby during classes!

- erika

"Marlo has truly enjoyed her time at The Bunny Hive. Her face just lights up! It’s a place where I can reinforce her development, while also exposing her to other babies so she can learn from them and make new friends. So glad you opened this beautiful and happy space."

- chelsea

"This Insta-ready studio is dazzling and the perfect spot for your littles to engage in real sensory activities and for you to connect with other parents in a similar phase of life without feeling overstimulated. The studio is clean and elegant and designed with the new parent experience in mind."

- cara

"I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for The Bunny Hive. This is a wonderful, supportive community of moms. I go a few times per week now, and it's so fantastic to connect with other adults while entertaining and stimulating our growing babies."

a social club for little ones + their grownups

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