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Our next round of Small Groups will be Summer 2022 and will begin the week of May 16th and run through the week of July 18th. We will not meet for Small Groups the week of Memorial Day or July 4th.

Small Groups are for children age 0 months to 4 years old, and are designed to give you and your little one an opportunity to socialize and learn in an intimate, safe setting. The cost to join a Small Group is $120 for the first child, and $25 off for additional children from the same family.

Here’s how it works — you’ll join up to seven other families with kiddos in your babe’s age group, one day each week, for 8 weeks total. Every week we’ll enjoy a different Bunny Hive class that’s specifically tailored to your age group, whether it’s music, sensory, art, or more, so you and your little one can always experience unique and exciting activities. You’ll see the same families each week, allowing you to develop authentic friendships with people at the same stage of parenting. What’s more, this ensures your inner circle remains small so any potential exposure to illness stays minimal. Joining a Small Group at The Bunny Hive is the perfect way to do something special for yourself and your little one, and give you both the opportunity to learn, grow, and safely socialize.

During Small Groups, adults are required to be fully vaccinated and our staff will be checking vaccine records the first day of Small Groups. For this round of Small Groups, all groups are masks optional. However, if you would be more comfortable joining a group that requires masks for all adults, please email us. If we get enough interest we will do our best to create a group that requires masks.

• Due to the popularity of this program, we do not offer refunds for any reason after registration.
• If your preferred time or age group sells out, you are also welcome to join another age group if your child is within about six months of the other age group. 
• We will be offering one makeup class for COVID-related illness only. If someone in your family is sick, or you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home and we will put a credit into your account to be used to attend a drop-in class at your convenience. Makeup classes are not intended to be used for vacation or any other reason except COVID.
• VIP Unlimited Members ($120/mo) can join a group for 50% off using code "smallgroupmember50". If you have more than one child joining a Small Group, please make an account for each child and register them separately. Use code "sibling" for $25 off additional children. Families who use this code without meeting one of the discount criteria will be removed from the group without a refund.

Small Group One — 0-6 months
Small Group 1A, 0-6mo, Mondays at 12pm with Caroline - Sold out
Small Group 1B, 0-6mo, Tuesdays at 11am with Ansley
Small Group 1C, 0-6mo, Thursdays at 9am with Caroline

Small Group Two — 6-12 months
Small Group 2A, 6-12mo, Tuesdays at 9am with Ansley - Sold out
Small Group 2B, 6-12mo, Thursdays at 5pm with Chelsea
Small Group 2C, 6-12 mo, Saturdays at 11am with Caroline - Sold out

Small Group Three — 12-18 months
Small Group 3A, 12-18mo, Mondays at 11am with Caroline - Sold out
Small Group 3B, 12-18mo, Tuesdays at 5pm with Chelsea - Sold out
Small Group 3C, 12-18mo, Thursdays at 12pm with Chelsea

Small Group Four — 18-24 months
Small Group 4A, 18-24mo, Mondays at 10am with Ansley - Sold out
Small Group 4B, 18-24mo, Thursdays at 11am with Ansley

Small Group Five — 2 and 3 year olds
Small Group 5A, 2-3 yrs, Wednesdays at 11am with Ansley - Sold out
Small Group 5B, 2-3yrs, Fridays at 11am with Ansley

Small Group Six – 3-4 year olds
Small Group 6A, 3-4 yrs, Fridays at 10am with Ansley

Week 1, Week of May 16th - Music
Week 2, Week of May 23rd - Social Circle

[Week of May 30th - No Small Groups due to Memorial Day]

Week 3, Week of June 6th - Learning Lab
Week 4, Week of June 13th, - Zen Infant Massage for 6 months and younger, Books and Bubbles for 6 months+
Week 5, Week of June 20th - Sensory
Week 6, Week of June 27th  - Music for 18 months and younger, Ballet for 18 months+

[Week of July 4th - No Small Groups due to July 4th]

Week 7, Week of July 11th - Art 
Week 8, Week of July 18th - Zen Infant Massage for 6 months and younger, Culinary Exploration for 6 months+

We offer a limited number of Private Small Groups. These groups are designed for groups of friends to sign up to be in a Small Group together. 

• For five to ten families (less than seven families must pay a minimum of $840 total)
• $120 per family
• Children can be any age, newborn to four years old
• Your group gets to make your only policies regarding health and safety (i.e. masks or vaccines required, class outside only, etc.)

How to sign up — talk to your friends and come up with a few days and time slots that would work for you to meet. Appoint one person as the group lead. The group lead will be the person who purchases the group for everyone ($120 x the number of families in your group) and this will be the point person that we communicate with to confirm your class preferences. You’ll work out collecting money from your friends privately (we recommend Venmo!). Email us to request your time slot and we will do our best to accommodate your group, send you the link to purchase your group, and get you all set up for your Private Small Group!

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