• Complimentary, exclusive access to Small Groups. Small Groups at The Bunny Hive are the perfect way to meet and spend time with familiar faces who have children in the same age group as your little one. Every week in Small Groups the class type changes so  you’ll enjoy a different Bunny Hive class that’s specifically tailored to your age group, whether it’s music, sensory, art, or more. Members automatically get access to Small Groups, you just have to RSVP each week on the schedule to let the teachers know to expect you in Small Group that week.
  • 50-100% off seasonal events including Halloween, Holiday, Valentine's Day, and Easter Celebrations; discount varies by studio location. Check your local studio's page to view your discount rate.
  • 50% off premium pop-ups (e.g. Storytime with Santa or Mother's Day Build Your Own Flower Bouquet – these are like mini events that happen throughout the year!)
  • Complimentary regular pop-ups (e.g. How To End Your Child's Night Wakings, Picky Eating Toddlers, or Favorite Things Wine Night – these are local workshops and gatherings, check your local studio for upcoming pop-ups!)
  • Invitation to member only events
  • 10% off retail purchases (clothing, toys, etc.)
  • Plus unlimited drop-in classes – come to class with your little one as often as you want! We have drop-in classes six days a week, almost every hour on the hour. We call them drop-in because you can drop by the studio for the classes you want and at the times that work best for you. Check your local studio for the schedule of drop-in classes.

The membership is per family, so siblings can share. Cancel or pause anytime. No initiation fee.

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The best value + the most perks

Get a pack of five classes to use to attend drop-in classes and pop-ups. The 5-class pack must be used with three months of the activation date.

5-Class Pack

Get 3 classes per month to use to attend drop-in classes and pop-ups. Plus, if you need more classes, enjoy 25% off the single class price. This pass can be used per family, so siblings can share the classes (bring all of your little ones to all three classes, or perhaps bring one child to one class and your other child to the other two classes for some 1-on-1 time with each child. This is a contract that is billed monthly, but you can cancel or pause any time.

Monthly 3-Class Pass

Purchase a single class that can be used to attend any drop-in class or pop-up on the schedule. This is a great way to try The Bunny Hive before becoming a member, getting a Monthly 3-Class Pass, or purchasing a 5-Class Pack.

Single Class

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